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We currently offer our services at Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT). Every student & faculty member from the aforementioned institutions has access to Examitian.

Issues logging in? Read the instructions given below. If the issue persists, write to us at

The login credentials are created as follows.

Student Login Credentials

ID = Enrolment No.
Password = Last Name + Pass Out Year
For example, if the last name is Kumar and the pass out year is 2020 then the password will be Kumar2020.

Faculty Member Login Credentials

ID = Faculty ID ignoring any zeroes at the beginning
Password = Last Name + Last Three Digits of Faculty ID
For example, if the last name is Kumar and the faculty ID is 0123 then the ID will be 123 and the password will be Kumar123.

Once logged in, you can add more details like profile picture, website URL etc. to personalise your profile.

Note that the password can not be changed.