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About Us

About Examitian

Examitian is the only resource you need to prepare for your exams. We have the biggest repository of previous year question papers of Amity University for an ever expanding number of courses. The primary goal is to host question papers for all courses offered at Amity University from the last 5 years on a single platform.


Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana

Director, Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)

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Ms. Rajbala Simon

Examination Coordinator, Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)


Inder Deep Singh

Founder, Examitian

I am a creative thinker, graphic designer & an iOS application developer.

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Content Team

  • M Murugadoss, Student, AIIT
  • Manasvi Sharma, Student, AIIT
  • Jatin Garg, Student, AIIT
  • Rinkle Das, Student, AIIT

Our Story

Students, especially freshers, need previous year question papers to prepare well for the examinations as they are unaware of the exam paper design at Amity. It is quite a hassle to sort through and collect the papers that a student needs so most students just don’t get to see previous years’ papers.

Our Examination Coordinator, Ms. Rajbala Simon, and Director, Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana came up with the idea of making a portal like Examitian. They tasked Inder Deep Singh of BCA + MCA (Dual) 2016-2021 batch with the job. ID had prior experience with tech, design and marketing. So, he was the perfect candidate for making this portal.

All of the development and design was done by ID. Examination Team of AIIT helped a lot by providing question papers that could be scanned and uploaded to the portal. A small but effective team was built to scan the question papers. That was the hardest part. Now that we have a good amount of papers available on the platform, we are preparing for launch and hope that the students use and like the product.

We hope to write the next paragraph with you all!

Team Examitian

Join Us

We are always looking for more members in our team that can help us with getting, scanning or uploading question papers. If this is something that interest you or you want to help, please write to us at